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I like the XS1100 'standard' too, the lines are timeless and tasteful. Same with the original XS750 triple (vs. the Specials).

A riding buddy in Vegas had three 1100's, two were essentially parts bike to keep the nice one running - they were all tired and had seen many miles and below average they were in the beater category to me.

Still pretty strong though. I rode his once out in the SoCal desert and the spindly fork tubes were a little sketchy - but it was a solid bike

YAMAHA XS11 1979 MOTORCYCLE 1100cc 4cyl - $2000 (Pueblo)

I have to sell this great motorcycle to help pay for college and a wedding.
I'll be sad to let it go, but I have to sell my Yamaha and my old 4x4 ford.

It's perfect twin sister just sold May 18th in Chicago on ebay for $7,700.00
with 11 bidders and 31 bids. I know that is Chicago and I know that is ebay,
still that's significant value for someone's almost perfect 34 year old bike.

All the old bikes I looked at had the same old problem - bad carburetors.
After more than 20 years, the rubber diaphragms inside the carbs got holes
and cracks.
They really couldn't run right no matter what you did. So, I
invested $400 ($100 each) in having theYamaha's stock carbs rebuilt with new diaphragms.
The bike is all set for the next 20.

This 34 year old classic isn't perfect, but from 3 feet away she looks every bit
as good as the one on ebay - same stock burgundy color with gold pinstripes,
same perfect seat, and same brilliant chrome.
And, this Yamaha runs incredibly strong and amazing with four cylinders, 1101cc, and 95HP.

Didn't get the original owner's manual or tool kit.
IBA #11735 . 1968-present
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