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My Uncle ,a former Iowa farmer told me once, when we start using Corn to make fuel, we will all pay the price. He was right. Higher food prices and worse fuel. With a abundance of oil in the USA , we need to wake up and shut down Ethanol plants, leave corn for food. Any more questions??

Or better yet, start using plentiful Natural Gas. We have a huge supply of it, more than any other country. I have 11 wells under my land, so use all you can....
There are a number of screwy things that we do.

We can make oil (thus diesel) out of coal, we have metric fuck tons of coal, yet Regan shut down Carter's program back in the 80s because oil was like $20 a barrel. You can make oil by Ficsher-Tropsch Synthesis for an estimated 40-55 a gallon, in fact South African does just that. We are at what, like $92 a gallon does anyone expect crude to go under 50 and stay there for any amount of time? Anyone? Bueller?

Natural Gas has its own issues, namely all of the people in PA that have tap water that is flamable, again it uses FUCKING LOADS of water (for fracking anyway). That being said, methane IS realatively clean burning in comparison to other means of energy, BUT its a not really great for vehicular applications due to high pressure requirements and expensive modifications....not to mention a total and complete lack of infrastructure to deliver to the vehicles.

.....In stead we have Obama preaching about limiting CO emissions from our coal and gas turbine power plants. Which would be fine EXCEPT that we haven't opened a new Nuclear Plant in something like 30 years and the population ISN'T getting smaller. So all that is going to accomplish is to further jack up power prices yippie.

Most of it is counter intuitive, but I'm definitely not an ethanol fan.
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