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I'm really happy with the scorpion Rally in the front. It's definitely not a street tire but works better than you'd expect, and in the sand and rocks and nasties is far better than the TKC80, or stock scorpion.

I've been very happy with this front in combo with the MEFO in the rear. Note that I have a slightly narrower front rim from woody's. With the MEFO I just pulled off I was running the 150 on the stock rear wheel but now I'm running a narrower rear as well, currently with a 908RR on it.

Current plan for ongoing use is the Rally in the front and the 140 MEFO or K60 rear.

My use is truly 50/50, or maybe 60% dirt, so if you just wanna rail the twisties, this may not be the best front for you.

For dirt ONLY, in order of preference from my experience:

Scorpion Rally
TKC 80
Stock Scorpion

For paved twisties ONLY, in order of preference from my experience:

Stock Scorp
TKC80 - this tire does really surprisingly well on the pavement
Scorpion Rally-ya wanna let this one wear in a little before you just toss it in...

T63....distantly. Did NOT like this tire in the twisties.


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