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Originally Posted by satur9 View Post
53 pages and I couldnt find (see) the answer to my does a us (30) attach to overlander 30.does 1 set of rackloops handle the side bags and half of the two sets of alloy buckles fit in one rackloop. And could the "daisy. Chain" lower mount be shone a. Little better.i understand it wraps around frame or I footpeg or I so but the buckle part. (Is this alloy) and ladder is what im curious about.
Hi mate,

Basically; yeah. On a bike without a passenger seat or rear rack, any US pack can be attached by hooking the Alloy Hooks into the 4 x Rack Loops that are supplied with the Overlander 30 (or available to purchase separately if you don't have / need the OV30). Two of the Rack Loops which support the Overlander 30 are used, along with the other two, which can be placed as desired. the US packs attach to the bike, as opposed to the Overlander 30. Same principal as shown here:

Rack Loops in a configuration that could accept the Overlander 30 and / or US tail packs:

US pack attached to those Rack Loops:

Same arrangement with the Overlander 30 hooked up:

I don't have any more detailed close-ups of the lower daisy-chain strap than this right now:

... But it is a double-layer of heavy duty 1" webbing with loops spaced evenly down it, and an alloy hook, which bolts to the lower corner of the pack. The webbing is then passed around any suitable mounting point and hooked on at the loop which provides the ideal tension.

I hope that makes sense, but please feel free to let me know if you need any more detail.

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