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Sorry for the late replies. Work has kept me from the internets. But ld rather complain about too much work than not enough

Yes these lights most likely will need a small hole to feed the wire to them. But that's it. They come with a super sticky pad. Make certain they are where you want the when you stick them. Cause that's where they are staying.

I'm sorry I can't discount for more lights.On ebay I'm selling these at 35.00 which is 11.00 more than here at 24.00.

The red lights are 4.00 more at 28.00

A Brake Light Converter cost 16.00
That will allow the red bullets to get brighter when braking

A Pod Modulator cost 29.00
When wired to the Pods they glint to catch a drivers eye. They don't annoyingly blink, the Pods are lit 92% of the time and are off 8% . That's why it's called a glint not flashing.

I am using this on my bike along with a the tail light modulator that makes my tail light flash.if anyone wants one of those ill be glad to get the. One.
They cost 50.00 . But I'm a scaredy cat . I fear not being seen

My email is
If you have interest please email me.

The lights don't show nearly as nice in the pics as when you see them
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