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Yeah I knew it was going to be hot but we'd been 70 to 80's and just started hitting 90's the week before the race, didn't have any acclimation time. I hydrated the 3 days before the race and drank a lot during the race, which I didn't even make it a lap. Also it's been the toughest track we've run yet so it had a lot of just sit there in full gear and stew bottle necks. I also rode like crap, 2 riders stalled, could have ridden by them with perfect ease but I stopped and waited on them. Also rode like complete crap, I watch the video and the whole time I"m going "what the hell, that's not how I ride". Learned...

1. Getting dizzy, no wind, don't sit down. It will be hard to get back up due to being dizzy and get worse if there's no wind.

2. Pour water on the points you mentioned, I was mostly pouring it on my head. Should have done wrists, armpits, and shoulders.

3. Keep a pair of safety glasses in bag or camel back, this way you can take off goggles and still protect your eyes. I kept my goggles on the whole time till I stopped. Riding back to the truck without them on, the difference in air flow was amazing, should have pulled them much sooner.

So, it sucked all around but was a good learning experience for the future. Also I'll probably skip any more races in the 90 degree + temps unless they're early morning ones. We didn't start til about 12:30. I wasn't the only one getting it either, one guy said after the race and he was at home he was putting out a 101 degree tempature. Others did the same dizzy/vomit thing but pressed on for a lap. Lots of 1 to 2 lap then head back to the truck dudes as well and just take the DNF. Crazy stuff riding trails in full gear in really hot weather.
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