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Day 6 Drunk postin...

Warning drunk post ahead!!!

We were not entirely sure yesterday just which Husky esp41 was going to be driving out of the Clarksville Small Engine shop.

In the end it was the Husky 610 but it was a near thing.

We got a late start today mostly because of a credit fraud thing that happened to me. Some knob was trying to charge crap to a card I never owned. My bank was making sure. Good Bank.

Next up was second breakfast. We got to Oark; just planning to pick up some crackers and a Gatorade.

Next thing we know this southern bell is talking us into second breakfast. Shortly there after ADVRider 10Cup shows up and introduces himself. He decides that the pancakes looked good and joins us for second breakfast and some lively conversation. Seems that 10Cup has plain worn out two WR250s… Neat guy glad we met up.

The Oark Cafe turned out to be a neat place. Some days the bear gets gotten.

We really enjoyed the signs in the Café. Especially this one.

As cute as that southern bell was, I am thinking that photography was not her strong point…

But onward, we heard this big brouhaha about Warloop Road. It did not seem to be any worse than things we experience at Hatfield and McCoy, but then things turned nasty. ESP41 is blaming his rear brake and has the picture to prove it.

Unfortunately I have the video to prove otherwise. If you think drunk postin is bad wait till you see drunk video editin…

Well, we then blew a turn and I had to stop and take a pick of the lizard with the short arms.

Right next to the lizard was this tunnel that I really wanted to make a run at…

Some days it sucks being just too hot. That looked doable.

Next up was a horse. Just because, and no I don’t know how they got him in there.

Finally I was super stoked when we happened upon a couple of hopped up CT90s. Paul and Casey, the boys from the Cycle East post. They were far more hard core that we could ever dream about.

It was very cool meeting up with them. Their bikes looked to be holding up pretty well despite being rode hard and put up wet.

Casey might not have said as much as Paul but he got his point across in that Italian fashion. Big gestures

We tried to send them on their way in true ADVrider fashion by pointing out the closed roads that they were going to hit in just a few miles.

We did notice when ESP41 was fixing his brakes that Warloop had given his luggage a love tap. He is sitting on the hotel floor trying to undo the horrors of Warloop as we speak.

He is pretty sure that making the left side bag a right side bag and making the right side bag a left side bag will do the trick. Or not.

Well that is enough drunk postin. Now I have to move on to drunk video editin…

But looking at the clock, you all may have to wait another day.

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