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Where I lost my thunder...

Day 10
Thursday bay

Been a while since the last update and yet not much to report unfortunately. The weather this year been so shitty that the portion of the TCAT that I've done is nothing but a series of mud puddles of various sizes. Add to that a few dead ends and you get some really slow going. For instance, the APORMC members thought me that when ever you see grass in a trail, like so:

You can expect to run into shit like this in the near future:

But beautifully cared for dirt road can also lure one into a false sense of optimism, like this here:

And since I don't care over much to titillate the territorial fibre of the northern red necks that haunt these woods, when I see such a gate, I turn around.

Those pictures where taken on day seven or eight. But to be fair, there was some nice parts too, like this one for example:

This part of the trail was very well maintained! Actually, an hour later I met a member of the board that is responsible for the maintenance. I was taking a picture of his 19th century post and beam house and he came up to chat!

And the church 200' down the road,

Doing all that off roading can tire you up pretty good and that's when picnic areas are so nice: you just lay down on a table and loom at the sky before dosing off for a bit...

Anyway, two days ago I thought it might be wise to figure out approximate dates of where I'll should be so that I can be in Panama by Oct 25 for my boat ride to Columbia. Well, turns out that I need to haul ass! To have time to do and see what I wanted to, I'll need to leave British Columbia by July 16th! That means that, at the rate the TCAT is going, I'm never gona make it. I needed to decide what I was going to do with the TACT.

On the one hand, it's a really fun experience but on the other, it's taking way to much time and something that I've come to realize while doing it, in it's current watery state, you really should not do this alone! So I've decided to abandon the TCAT until I reach BC. I briefly contemplated just skipping the Ontario portion of the TACT but seeing the flood warnings and speaking to a biker who had just come through the prairies and said that they was water EVERYWHERE, I abandoned it till BC. Disappointed but hell, got' a be realistic sometimes...

After all, after a while this goes from fun to annoying...

So today I hit the trans-Canada highway from Sault Sainte-Marie to Thunder-Bay, or just about 700km. By far the biggest day, km wise, of the trip so far. And I must admit, this was quite a nice surprise! The scenery was gorgeous! The road had very little traffic, lots of twists and turns, up's and downs and countless beautiful streams and lakes nested in mountains as old as can be found on earth!

I wonder if Dan is still into Heather?

Guess I'll never know. Nor will you mothafuckaaaaa! Sorry, might have been watching to much Californication recently...)

Big O's take on recent events
Bummer! I was having a ball in all that mud and smelly goo! But I'm sure that BC will more than make up for it! Rocky Mountains here I come!

oh, and here a passenger I had a day or two back.

sure hope he was radio active and that i'll get some nifty super powers from it, like spider man did. wonder what I'll get? Nobbies that never wear out? A self filling tank? Ooh ooh I know what I want: a proper driver!!!

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