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mammoth solo ride


i believe in safety in numbers, and don't like riding solo much. this ride, there were no takers. it will be my first time riding alone away from home. mammoth at this time after sunset gets very cold. so, to increase the probability of being able to ride back to base, i have to do a a several stuff.

- took the smallest bike in the garage

- made sure the bike is in great shape and all the maintenance done. the bike is new to me, new parts have been installed....and therefore have to shake it down for 3 days or so before this ride.

- brought tools, spare parts, swiss knife, inner tubes, water and powerbars.

- stuffed warmer jacket in my back pack

- planned on doing the easy and int stuff. will ride only within my skill level. this is more an exploratory ride than anything else

- wore the proper gear and protection

- fresh battery on my spot, and tested it; and put it on track mode while riding

- had friends monitor my spot movement

- brought my cell phone...and the sat phone just in case... both with fully charged batteries

- have a working gps, with tracks and critical waypoints, plus a map

- i talked to a ranger who was in the area doing trail maintenance. i shared him my plan. his name is will. nice guy, he gave me good routes and another but different map than i have.

- most important, brought my b-game (don't have an a-game..hehe)

what else could go wrong....

made sure the tank is full...obligatory gas price pic

let's get on with the ride...and it starts where this ends

that's right, it's a ride in the park

heard about this tunnel under the 395....wohooo finally found it

actually 2 tunnels

deep sand but no problem on the 3pipty

i am so slow that my dust is catching up with me....hahaha

this one is just along side the 395

latest usfs just follow this sign and they will take you to june lake

i really enjoy the area. has variety of terrain and landscapes

another water crossing
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