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Originally Posted by Geolander View Post
My Samsung Note is nice, because the screen is big enough to actually see.
The new Note 2 is equally impressive and much faster.
That being said, I spend much of my time very far from data sources. I never leave home without the maps for the day loaded onto my Garmin eTrex 20.

Moreover I never leave home without hard maps anymore either.
See, that's what I've basically been doing. I have the Fortrex 401, which I wear on my wrist and just load way points on, or better, create them as I go for trail junctions, etc in new areas. Then I load quads on the iPhone and carry the actual quads in the tank bag.

Although now that I take the time to actually type this sounds sort of contrived and I kinda want to look into a good bike-mounted GPS.
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