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Originally Posted by ErockPDX View Post
See, that's what I've basically been doing. I have the Fortrex 401, which I wear on my wrist and just load way points on, or better, create them as I go for trail junctions, etc in new areas. Then I load quads on the iPhone and carry the actual quads in the tank bag.

Although now that I take the time to actually type this sounds sort of contrived and I kinda want to look into a good bike-mounted GPS.
Well I've been looking at phone options because my Montana took a walk on some bad 'road', my bad for not transferring the OEM mount.

Nothing I have found so far for the phone beats the convenience and ease of use of the Montana. Clip it into the mount, tighten the security torn screw with the supplied tool, and ride.
No fiddling with locks and enclosures and separate power cables and stuff.

Even the freebie Garmin compatible map I was using (nothing commercial available here) was substantially better than the OSM and Google maps.

But replacing it here involves either a lot more money (2/3rds of what my two local bikes cost each) or transferring money to a US account, ordering, then dealing shipping and a long wait. And probably several phone calls to track it down.

I'll probably just stick with my 2820 for a while.

Anyway, seems Garmin has announced the Monterra or some such. Montana form factor, and a combination of Garmin software and hardware on Android, so I would wait for reviews on that before making any decisions.

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