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I don't actually know, but somebody is spending a fortune on getting Joe his rides. They are all pay-to-play and appear well scripted. Maybe the JU seat is different, but maybe not. My point is that somebody behind him has pretty deep pockets (parents?), so it's not like the Go Show or anybody like him. Gobert, Mladin etc. never had anybody behind them, except for what they could muster in the paddock.

Roberts (like Elena, Rispoli etc) seems to be very well managed. Add in that he is clearly more talented...

I think he has a very big future.

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John has enough experience to see kids potential very early. If my memory serves me right he caught Spies early and helped him get his ride with Valvoline Suzuki.

Hope this Roberts has the right people around him so he can meet his potential and keep his nose clean. Anthony Gobert had the skill to do many great things but got a taste of the wrong stuff and liked it too much. Sad for all.
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