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Tonight I started the headlight mounting brackets. Last week I ordered a set of Dominator headlights and a Linx flyscreen from

One of my favorite looks for a bike is the Speed Triple, I like the bug eye for some reason which is why I went with the Dominator setup.

Anyhow since the lights are on their way I need a way to mount them and all of the "universal" 36mm brackets look cheesy so I will build my own.

I started out with some 6061-0 1.75 ID pipe and cut it into 1 inch rings

The first thing I have to do is square up the saw cut edges, turn all 4 to the same OAL and cut the outside surface to look nice

After makeing the outside purdy I tried to get all four within +/- 0.005 (which is amazing for the crap ass lathe I am using)

I then cut the ends off and shaped them using a vise and a 1.5 inch Ti billet as a mandrel. I had it floating around in a bucket full of Ti scraps (I plan on using the Billet to make rear bobbins later on)

Here they are on the forks, I purposly made them wide to cover some rust pits in the area of fork where they mount.

Hopefully me Lights and screen get here soon

R100 cafefighter build in progress
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