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Yeah, my Italian is pretty much non-existent. You're correct, though - the top graph is horsepower and the bottom is torque, expressed in kilogram meters. The conversion is 1 kg/m equals 7.23301385 ft/lbs, so peak torque looks like about 84.7 ft/lbs (assuming that's about 11.7 kg/m) at roughly 6200 RPM with the LeoVince pipe, versus maybe 84.3 ft/lbs (assuming 11.65 kg/m) at about 6800 RPM. I'm just eyeballing it here, and already have a request into my LeoVince rep for additional details from the dyno runs.

What's more interesting versus the peak torque (the fact it comes on 600 RPM earlier is nice, but probably not a huge change) are the increases between 3200 and 6200 RPM. At 4300 RPM, it looks like it's about 10.7 kg/m stock (77.4 ft/lbs) and roughly 11.1 kg/m (80.3 ft/lbs) with the LV One exhaust - an increase of about 3 ft/lbs. That gap looks pretty consistent between about 3800 and 4900 RPM, so a nice increase in the lower ranges.

Once I get the real deal, I'll post it up here!

Thanks guys...
Jason Smith

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