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Originally Posted by Handy View Post
I broke my foot on my MC last summer and the VA doctor who did surgery said they have more amputees from MC accidents than from combat.
For that to be meaningful, you need to know how many total hours of motorcycling were carried out, compared to total hours of active combat. You also need to consider Paebr's point that some squaddie in combat is already almost certainly wearing the armour/boots they can. A lot of motorcyclists who have serious foot/lower leg injuries (which incidentally, are the most common injury in most forms of motorcycling) would have been better off had they been wearing proper/better boots.

Daveinva: If you really want to mess with them, you can point out that not letting the kids out of their neighbourhood, for fear of them being abducted by some child molester is statistically-speaking, practically handing them over to a paedophile. The overwhelming majority of cases involve a family member or someone who lives within the next few houses.

It's one of the weird things about risk, even when presented with concrete evidence to the contrary, otherwise rationale people have an extremely hard time debasing their "gut instinct" enough to do what is statistically safest.
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