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I find it interesting that Stevie88 seems to be in the minority here. yet, according to him, he's the only one in the room that is correct and factual.

after 26k mi on my KLR, I absolutely pick up approx 4mpg every time I put E0 in it. with out exception.

I made a delivery to a "biofuel" (read ethanol) in Fulton ny when they were building it. I met a guy in a suit that said he was a consultant from Cornell univ.

I asked what he was consulting on. to he asked if I had kids. " I do". he replied " when they grow up you can tell them that you made a delivery to one of the biggest scams ever heaped on the American public"

he went on to explain that by the time the land is plowed, crop planted then harvested then trucked/ trained to the plant, the diesel emissions far exceed the benefits (if any) reaped from ethanol.

the guy went on for almost an hour . this was in 02
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