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Originally Posted by DocAxeYarYar View Post
Dudes, just go back from 2060 mile Gunslinger's Divide Ride up and down the length of New Mexico. My XRR was flawless the whole time. 1-3 kicks to start it, never missed a beat!

Wondering how my oil consumption and MPG compares to others?

Oil - Every 700-750 I added 1/4 quart. It was about mid-way on the dipstick and 1/4 quart brought it right up to full. Sound about right? My buddy's KTM was using about double that.

Down side: Was not able to change my oil, so ran it way past the 1,000 mile point, but the oil still looks quite clean. Oh well....

Gas - About 35-40 MPG depending on riding conditions. The bike does run a tad rich, but I dont mind that since its better than too lean. Plug never fouled and was never hard to start.

Gearing - STOCK 14/48. Worked well, while I considered a 45 tooth rear, I did not seem to really need it. The stock gearing was great in some tricky situations (see pic) where the extra grunt was welcome. Generally on the road and straight fire roads we cruised at 60 MPH.

Valves: Checked before the trip only adjusted one, so will check and see if they have tightend up.

This was my first major trip on the bike, and I loved it. Super reliable, great handling, rock solid!
Thanks for the info, hope the ride was good, I need to read your dualsport writeup as I am in the process as well.
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