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Sold my UClear - Bought the Sena... Difference is night and day...

I wish I would have gone for the Sena in the first place... the UClear was fairly expensive, and had serious performance issues. Speakers were too quiet; volume buttons virtually impossible to locate with gloves - and even the intercom/control button was clunky underneath all of that rubber.

A few times both me (and my girl) almost lost the units while trying to fumble for the volume or intercom buttons.

The Sena SMH10 with the universal mic setup is AMAZING. Incredibly easy to use, pre-paired... LOUD, loud, loud... and when used with the SM10, we are finally able to listen to the same music off of my iPad, converse over the intercom system without having to re-pair any of the Bluetooth devices - all while still being able to keep my phone connected and functional.

If you are in the market for an intercom system - I would highly recommend the Sena!
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