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Originally Posted by markjenn
Really nice job.

My only complaint is that these things tend to make me worry about things I haven't worried about previously. With 15K or so, my LC4 hasn't had anything off the top end of the engine (other than the valve inspection covers), and I'd like it to stay that way.

- Mark
Hey Mark... thanks.

I had hoped mine would be "unique" and stay sealed, but just before Loadedpalooza, when I had the tank off for a valve lash inspection, I noticed some gritty oil on the head above the left exhaust port... tough spot to see well without a flashlight.

Anyway... I said a few choice words, opened the goop drawer in the tool box to see what hadn't dried out and had at it. That was my first mistake... I didn't put much thought or time into the job... second and third mistakes.

I checked the cover on my surface plate and checked the head with a wide machinists square this time around... if there was any warpage, I couldn't find it. So why it leaked in the first place is a mystery.

If you don't want it to leak... don't look there.

So... how's tricks?
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