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Originally Posted by DSM8 View Post
I have opften thought about this with the big bikes, a pair of these slightly modified would make it easy to get over tracks in worse case scenarios.

Might have to get a pair and do a little playing with the Mig to see what I can come up with.
instead of carrying ramps, if you really just need to get over it, and you can't make it....

You realize that there are thousands of little things all around the tracks you can make a pile out of right? I shall call them "piles of rocks"
put a pile up to both tracks from the side you are going, easy as pie...
then the polite thing is to get rid of the pile somewhat once your done so when the train goes by it doesn't explode rocks everwhere...
I'd prefer to just use hp and speed, but worst case, like your riding a sport bike or something over them..
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