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I'm not expecting earth-shattering performance change but it would be nice to not be limited to the supposed 80% maximum throttle in those two gears. The other thing to note as well is that I've heard that the KTM Akrapovic map does away with this limitation and i currently have that map loaded in my ECU. Speaking of which, do you like your Akra map? I can't stand mine apart from the power it makes. After my dealer loaded it and did the fifteen minute idle reset, I got to ride the bike one hour to get back home. Way I observed is poor mileage, engine running hotter with additional heat coming off the header piping, vibration and roughness under hard throttle. The only benefit was some found horsepower. I can't wait to get rid of this map.

Where in canada are you?
Thanks Alon ... I really dont know if it was done when the akro map was installed. To be honest I got the bike out from the showroom with the akros on so I wouldnt the know the actual difference. My dealer has closed shop now who used to do a great job which is sad.

Any luck with disabling the wires for the 2nd & 3rd gears....

Well I'm located in Mississauga & we should surely catch up sometime.

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