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Some years ago I got one of those cheap chinese hardware store bikes for my nephews and nieces when they visit. 50cc with auto clutch. One of my nephews was ecstatic when he saw it, as you would expect. I'm guessing he was about 8 at the time. Every kid wants a dirt bike but they live in the city. I live out in the sticks where they can just ride anywhere. I'll never forget its maiden voyage. I got him all suited up with helmet and gloves and pads on all his pointy parts, he climbed on, and mashed the throttle wide open, because the throttle on a video game is an on-off switch I guess. The bike left without him and landed in a heap. I was surprised how much it shook him up. I let him calm down and worked on him throughout the day but couldn't convince him to get back on. He didn't get hurt, heck he didn't even move, he just stood there while the bike left him behind. I didn't really understand the problem, but I knew he really wanted it, and at this point I decided he needed it just to learn some confidence. The next day I finally got him back on the bike, walked along beside him with my hand on his throttle hand to show him how to modulate it instead of cranking it WFO. A few yards down the road I just let go and he was off. After that he wouldn't get off the bike all day, I couldn't hardly get him to come inside when it got dark.

What's funny is another nephew never showed the slightest bit of interest in it. Go figure. -al
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