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Got 'em.....

First ...... the daughter.

 photo DE6DAB93-15E0-46BE-AF50-0D21CAF4D047-3234-000004BD7CCA9DC4_zps85922539.jpg

Bikes are in the background....

Tour guide.

 photo DEBD3DC1-0E11-4B56-8E5A-96B827E9999F-3329-000004D2FD3AD394_zps540a081a.jpg

I can't really explain where it was.....and I didn't grab the gps coordinates.

The Mother was at south fulton health clinic at the corner of McDonough and University.

 photo 47BECAB0-E590-4F5D-8184-B72A95AF6586-3329-000004D306C72906_zpsa3fe59ae.jpg

 photo 48B2ECC1-83D7-4F25-B252-C94CF08ACEAF-3329-000004D30DB2D31C_zpsa4650fc2.jpg

I'll get the tag up tomorrow....can't guarantee there won't be any dirt involved.
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