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a little different perspective

First off your idea sounds awesome and I would love to do it

Second - i'm a total noob when it comes to stage rally so take that into consideration...

3 days of racing
6 hours/day for fast riders
Vary nav difficultly inverse to terrain, but it should be a challenge still, maybe a couple SS with both difficult terrain and nav
Vary terrain difficulty
Practice optional
Camp is fine, close to the race keep it simple and ups the social aspect
Keep liaisons reasonable
Stationary bivouac
Not willing to pay 3 times for for Western US

My list may seem to watered down to a seasoned rally racer and I get that... but i feel like my list represents an average guy point of view that has to juggle a budget, time off work, time away from family, and a fixed amount of vacation in a year.

I guess it depends if you want to cater to the existing rally crowd (would understand if you do) or if you are trying to attract new racers. The reality is a limited number of people can do this and are even interested in it. An even smaller number can dedicate significant time and money.

For me, it would be great to have a mix of options from long weekend rallys to 7 - 10 day rallys that would provide average guys the ability to take their rally racing to the next level and still leave growth for when we retire
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