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The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Sure is a lot of misconceptions, outright bullshit, and scared people about the new fuel.

OMG, my gas tank is going to swell on my Ducati. OK, there's about 5 of them on this site. Get a new tank, and don't trip.

OMG, my seals are going to dry out and start leaking. Yeah, right.

OMG, my gas mileage is going to go down. You're still getting 40mpg, correct? It ain't that big of a deal.

OMG, I've got the constitutional right to buy gas without ethanol in it. I'm going to vote for someone else. Who? They are all in the pockets of big business.

You could always buys cans of VP race gas, higher octane, no ethanol, but at about twice the price gas in Europe, maybe $15 or $20 per gallon.

In the big scheme of things, we, as motorcyclists, don't really matter. We are a blip on the screen, nothing more. We ride toys. Some people get really emotionally attached to their bikes, I guess you're shit out of luck if they won't run on the new fuel. But the motorcycle manufacturers will adapt or go out of business. They have to.
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