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This reminds me of the folks who get bent out of shape over the risks of guns. If you don't do drugs, sell drugs, or hang around those who do or sell drugs, your chances of being killed as the result of a gunshot wound are lower than your chances of winning the lottery.

Similarly, not riding at night, not riding in a reckless manner, ATTGATT, and not riding impaired will greatly reduce your odds of serious injury or death. We have the counterexample... when someone around a campfire says, "Hold my beer, and watch this!"

No one says we have to be a statistic... we can choose.
After recently reading a book "The Last Gun" published in 2012 I think I have to quarrel with you first paragraph. A few memorable things stand out from my reading of this book from the library:
1. For at least the last decade, the total number of gun deaths in the US has increased slightly almost every year, though the number of households that admit to owning one or more guns has decreased to something like 25%.
2. The total number of automotive deaths (around 30,000 a year) shows a slight downward trend, though every year there are more vehicles on the road.
3. In 10 states, your statistical odds of dying from a gunshot are almost as great as dying from a motor vehicle crash.
4. The "big change" in gun sales the last couple decades (which if you are an older hunter/target shooter you likely missed as I did) is that gun manufacturers have seen the steady decline in younger people buying shotguns and deer rifles. No question; hunting license sales are down across both the US and Canada. (And we wonder why there are so many deer?) So the gun companies responded by selling the idea of "personal defense" with semi- auto (and large magazine) rifles and pistols modeled on military weapons.

Apparently, they have been quite successful. And many of those guns, easily purchased in the US, also end up in Mexico and Canada.

Please don't think me "anti-gun." I treasure my shotguns which I've used for both targets, pheasant and water fowl. I like my .22 rim fires for both targets and dispatching the occasional raccoon or bobcat that was killing domestic birds. I've also used both types of guns to introduce my grandchildren to target shooting and gun safety. And I wish I had been introduced to deer hunting at an earlier age - they are fine food.

Read this book, no matter your present opinion on gun issues. I guarantee it will give you food for thought.

Sorry if one guy's single paragraph hi-jacked this thread. I have thoughts on the other stuff as well, but will leave it for later.
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