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Originally Posted by chasssmash View Post
Mmmm...I think I prefer to live in the real world. Of all the dead people I have seen almost every single one killed accidentally has been killed in a motorcycle crash. Maybe it's just a coincidence .

Like I said I ride every day and I won't stop doing that. But it is interesting and important to know the raw statistical risk involved in this pursuit.
If you want to consider your risks in a statistically valid manner you cannot just use the overall motorcycle death rate. The reason is this statistical cohort consists of a number of distinct subgroups that have significantly different death rates. Those who ride after drinking are one such subset. Young riders on sport bikes are another.

Assuming that YOUR death risk is the same as that of a rider who engages in known risky behaviour is a poor assumption. Unless, that is, you are a squid who rides without proper gear after drinking and at speeds well above your skill level.
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