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Originally Posted by stevie88 View Post
Scientific Support for Ethanol
Once these changes were made in the six studies, each yielded the same conclusion about energy: Producing ethanol from corn uses much less petroleum than producing gasoline. “It is better to use various inputs to grow corn and make ethanol and use that in your cars than it is to use the gasoline and fossil fuels directly,” said Kammen, who is co-director of the Berkeley Institute of the Environment and UC Berkeley’s Class of 1935 Distinguished Chair of Energy...
OK. It's still about choice and individual requirements. I think the E10 was pretty well established with a minimal of grumbling. Now E15 comes along. It may be that most of our "toys" can deal with E10, not sure about E15, and fear that Eevenmore will be next. While we have a choice between E10 and E85, it doesn't seem like we will have a choice between E10 and E15. Not acceptable to most and thus the much more focused and vocal grumbling. No surprise.
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