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I'd say the author is writing bullshit for monetary reasons. I was a scout pilot in Vietnam. I've been racing and riding motorcycles since my tour ended. There is no comparison. Not even statistically. I would guess that if you added up all the combat mission days from 1965 to the end Lam Son 719 in April 1971, the crew losses per day would be immeasurably higher than any type of motorcycle riding statistic you could invent. Actually, you could just take the flight crew losses from Lam Son 719 alone.

LS719 was the South Vietnamese attack into Laos. Some twelve weeks worth of campaign. Helicopters from the 101st Airborne flew them in and then tried to get them out after being rebuffed by the NVA. The losses were staggering: 168 helicopters destroyed and over 600 more damaged...

Why people who know nothing about war continually attempt to draw comparisons with everyday living is beyond me. I've never heard of a motorcyclist suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from riding.
Afghanistan is a VERY different war than Vietnam. Vastly different casualty and mortality rates. If we compared mortality rates from Vietnam with motorcycle riding they are orders of magnitude apart.

Comparing war to other things is a valid measure as war is generally considered the riskiest endeavor people engage in. It is the only one where other thinking humans actively are bent on killing you. So finding mundane activites with war-like fatality rates gives us some idea of comparative risks.
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