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Originally Posted by chasssmash View Post
I definitely accept that these raw statistics do not tell the whole story and are definitely generalized.

In a way it's like smoking.Statistically it shortens your life but you can ameliorate it by being in great shape for example.

However I also don't think it makes sense just to say they are completely invalidated if you wear the proper gear or don't drink and ride.

For example I never drink and ride but I do ride in the Winter on ice and snow just to get to work. So while I decrease one risk I increase another.

Personally I like looking at statistics.The one that told me there is a 30 times greater chance of getting shot if you have a gun in your house influenced me to get rid of my guns. Despite the fact that I was careful with them I could clearly see that they posed a substantial risk to me and my kids, one way or another. Also the statistics on the dangers of swimming pools has changed the way I treat my pool. I almost had 2 kids drown in my pool over the years so for me at least the statistics had validity on their surface.

Another example is that I just bought a convertible to do chores with.Things I did exclusively on my bike.My main justification for this expense was that it would reduce my risk going everywhere on the bike. Basically I did cost/benefit analysis and if made sense to reduce my risk. Everyone has a free choice but I think it's good to know the odds either way
Protip: You may want to investigate the term confirmation bias and then take a statistics course before you make any more life choices based on statistics you read in the general media.
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