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Well I tried them on...

I tried on the jeans and they fit but I don't feel comfortable wearing them in the short period of time I tried them on. They are what I ordered, size 38, so that's not the issue (so I think).

They just feel like a lot of extra weight which I understand why but I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing them all day. I feel I would want to change out of them making the whole point of buying them pointless. Currently I wear textile over pants with jeans and remove the over pants at work. I was hoping these would save me from having to remove over pants and wear two layers while riding or have to change out of the over pants into jeans if I just wore the over pants to work.

I noticed that the knee armor got hot while wearing them for only a short period of time trying them on. Worried this might cause me to sweat around the knees while wearing them for long periods. This I'm sure would not feel comfortable all day long at work causing me to want to charge out of them.

In my opinion I don't like the low rise feel / cut. I always felt like I was losing the jeans. A belt was definitely better, but I still felt like my jeans were hanging to low off my waist. I know some say you'll get used to the cut but I don't think I will. Maybe this has something to do with my feeling... that the top part of the jeans where the belt goes around the circumference feels too flimsy and not stiff enough. I guess this is the stretch quality of the fabric causing this. I want to say this part of the Jean should be heavier weight denim to show some support and form. Not soft weight material like the rest of the Jean. Often I found it twisting or changing shape because of the interaction with the belt and my body. Maybe it was changing shape party to me always trying to pull them up. Maybe all the above would be a moot point if they were not low rise cut and there were more belt loops as others suggested.

Otherwise all else was great. I really want to like these as far as fit since everything else is prefect.

Maybe the issue is I ordered them based on my comfortable jean size that I usually wear right below my belly button (dam gut) and not around my hips which is a smaller diameter. Hence maybe a smaller size would help the bad low rise feelings I have. However I think I still would have to some degree the heavy feeling and the hot knees issue.

I am thinking of returning them but I am wondering if a smaller waist would make things better? Waiting for Kevin's feedback and any of yours before I decide.

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