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Definitely it was the new chassis or a suspension change that allowed the bike to work better with the new front tire but I also think DP turned it up a notch. The head to head battle with JLo that he won and also causing Stoner to bin it in Germany while trying to keep up with DP. That race with JLo was a turning point for Pedrosa mentally IMO. I don' think I was the only one to recognize that instead of what we were used to seeing where DP would seem to settle he fought back and won. I just think in some of the races this year where DP has been passed towards the end and hasn't mounted much of a retaliation we are seeing what we saw at the beginning of last year and then in the 2nd half of the year he didn't back off.

Just one junkies opinion. It's possible I'm clueless.
It seems like it's never any one thing. I agree that DP has shown more of a fiesty side the last couple years. I like it. I like all the front runners these days. It's hard to decide who to root for. But I'd like to see DP with a MotoGP championship or two before he's done. This year seems like the best chance he's ever had.
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