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Originally Posted by sakurama View Post
Yes, I'll have to but it should be a token amount just in the bottom. I wanted a window to the level but Chris suggested just a drain and a fill at the correct level so it's like a normal transmission - fill it until it overflows and your good. He's right but I like windows - as evidenced by my garage thread...

I digress.

I went out yesterday to work on the bike but we ended up spending the afternoon working on a kickstarter project we're doing together instead. I was frustrated but glad at least one of my many projects is going forward. Once we get our prototypes together for that and we're ready to launch it I'll mention what it is but for now it's enough to say it's not bike related.

I digress again.

I suspect sometimes that it must be difficult to have a conversation with me because my mind wanders so much. Hard to believe right? Okay, back to the topic at hand. My ridiculously sprawling 990 project. Sigh.

So when we last left off I discovered that the spokes were actually 6.8mm and I didn't have a wrench. I ordered a nice Motion Pro one and it showed up on Friday...

...only to end up being too small at 6.71mm. Thanks Motion Pro! Luckily I was at Chris' shop and the Bridgeport was just around the corner so I snugged that sucker down in the vise and skimmed it to 6.8mm. Which was still too small. Slowly I'm learning and I didn't remove the wrench until I'd actually tried to fit a spoke nipple in there. It needed to be 6.83mm to be snug and fit.

6.84 might have been better but I went through the plating to the copper so I suspect it will wear in a bit and it's better to be too tight than too loose.

Back to the wheel.

Phew...for a second there I thought you were going to put the rim in the mill and machine each spoke nipple down..

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