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Originally Posted by Vassily28 View Post

I've installed 2 bungs on my SER (front and rear cylinder) but for the rear cylinder i can't have stable readings and i've got lot of error codes. I've installed a heatsink cause i'm pretty sure it was related to eaxhaust gas temperature. The results were not better.
Did you make the copper sheet heatsink on page 8 of the manual? I assume you didn't try the heatsink Innovate sells (see below)?

The rear bung is insttaled exactly at the same place of the OEM egt bung. It's the only place that was accessible for the installation of the sensor. So i can only read at iddle and low throttle opening on the rear. For the front cylinder, no problems. I can read and log all the band of throttle openings and the very important WOT.

So now i'm using the readings of the front cylinder to jet front and rear.
I'm thinking of picking up an LM2 to see if I have a cylinder imbalance that's causing my vibration issue.

I was wondering (since I have a lathe) if it would be practical to make a combination heatsink-M10/M18 adapter so that the M18 Bosch sensor could plug into the OEM M10 EGT port. Something similar to the $$$ heatsink that Innovate sells.

Looks somewhat challenging as there is a side mounted port that has to be aligned (using the index mark on the hex end and shim washers) to face the manifold output, plus what appears to be an offset end hole. Would be helpful to get my hands on the Innovate one.

I'd rather not have to start welding on new M18 plugs in place of the stock M10.
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