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This isn't science, not even a hint of it.
Tabloid material. Dump it.

So, given the choice the author prefers riding point in Kabul to riding the murderous countrylanes?

Perhaps the author doesn't know the merchant of Tehran. A merchant of Tehran went to the market and to his horror he saw
returned the look, looking amazed. The merchant lost no time. He ran home, saddled his fastest horse and rode like the devil.
All the way to Isfahan, faster than a pony express rider ever did.
At sunset he arrived at the market square in the center. Someone tapped his shoulder. It was
"But I saw you this morning in Tehran", the merchant shouted.
"Indeed you did," said "and most surprised I was as I was told to pick you up today in Isfahan."

Ride me boys, ride...
and be
Moriunt omnes pauci vivunt
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