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Originally Posted by stevie88 View Post
I'm just a poor old cotton farmer. Your vast experience and wealth of knowledge have me buffaloed.

I'm also in the field using an iPhone so I will pursue this later. One question though. Why would someone with your Ag ties put out such misleading information? Is your family in the cattle feeding business? Those fuckers love cheap grain.

Actually, the last 10 years, the biggest profit margins have come from corn sold for ethanol use.
Feed corn prices have suffered accordingly. And show me a person in any business who doesn't want to maximize their profit potential.
But again, I challenge you to refute anything in the CBO report.
I also would like to point out that I have made no mention of bio-diesel because I do think bio-diesel is a very good thing.
Also make note that I am only referring to *CORN* based ethanol.
Switchgrass is a far more effective crop to use for ethanol. And with products engineered to effectively and efficiently use ethanol as a fuel, it can be a great thing. But mixing it with petrol based fuels and then putting it in vehicles that were never engineered to use it as a fuel is just plain bad.
My brother runs a drag car that is strictly E85 or E100 fueled. But it is also jetted close to what you would jet for methanol use...another fuel I really wouldn't recommend you pump into the tank of your average sedan.

I am not anti-ethanol by any means but it isn't the god-send that a lot of people try to make it out to be.
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