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Shhh, don't tell anyone, especially the safety police!

They are all going to live until they are 100. They aren't taking risks and don't like to be reminded that risks are being taken by others, because that means the boogeyman must be real.

Organic fed free-range meat carcasses at your local supermarket! Safety rated Toyotas with 270 hp low emissions engines on your superhighways! Large sodas! 8 billion opinions all striving to teach the others how to live better!

Quick, hand over your freedoms so we can finally all be safe!

Progress! Safety! Unity! A brighter tomorrow!

All brought to you by the advanced consciousness of hairless Primates and their clinically clean behavioral traits! No, really, they are just trying to help you live your life better, safer!

Silly humans. You're all going to die. Better on a motorcycle than on the toilet, I say.

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