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Do not attempt. Professional drivers on a closed course.

Thought I would share this from the XRL thread.....

I think we may have gotten a little off trail here. The problem in our modern 4 stroke era has stifled bench racing everywhere. In the 2 stroke days, throwing in a legitimate 2 stroke "like" sound was relatively easy and never lost a step. Of course we had 4 strokes back then but also 2 things were true as well. Most 4 stroke riders did not ride offroad, therefore no great stories or they were still on the trail while the cool 2 stroke stories were told.
Now I know that not all of us can replicate a 2 stroke sound but in conversation rarely did someone stop you and say, "What was that? Where you on a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?"
It is a sad sad time, soon there will be electric bikes. All sound effected stories will be lost.
Please, if you ride a 2 stroke, continue to tell lies about your ride including sounds. If you ride a 4 stroke....maybe you shouldn't tell riding stories using sound effects. (boring). Ever hear a Bicycle guy tell a sound effects. If you have a multi cylinder bike, forget the sounds, you will never make it right.

what the heck is Norton for anyway?
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