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I don't follow your logic on most of what you say. Take the example of swimming pools. A pool is not a 'danger', it's how it's used that can render it so. Two kids nearly drowned? Where were the adults who should have been watching them? It's axiomatic that if you don't have a gun in the house, it can't kill you. If you do have one, someone else could come in and shoot you with it but if you keep it locked and/or out of reach of children, negligible risk. About your convertible, well, a truck passing you could kick up a stone and bean you with it or the gas tank could leak and turn you into a torch. You ride to work in snow and ice? Now THAT is a risk. Park that bad boy and take the cage.
I have studied statistics and have a pretty good idea how they work as opposed to several round here.Obviously there are all sorts of caveats around anything.

But I will give you an example of what I'm talking about. Like I said before two children almost drowned in my pool and the reason they almost drowned was not my fault it was their parents lack of vigilance. It takes less than a second for a child to slip beneath the water completely soundlessly. The pool can be full and you wouldn't even notice the child drowning. That is why pools are so dangerous. Statistics confirm this.

This is similar to motorcycling. There are so many risks that cannot be controlled. Drivers who are drunk or on the phone for example. A moments lapse in concentration. A mechanical malfunction. A deer jumping in your way.

I have a friend who thought that he was perfectly safe on a motorcycle. Last year I saw him have a head-on collision with a car. He wasn't drunk it was just a lapse in concentration
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