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Originally Posted by Vulfy View Post
I don't see your point. If similar bike in better condition is sold on CL for $XXX
then whats the problem of listing yours for $XXX - price for parts needed.

Why I, as a seller, should invest more into the bike that I'm already selling, if at the end, every fucker out there is still gonna low ball me?

Don't like the price, move on, its an agreement of both parties.

I hate these people with self entitlement complex, who try to low ball expecting a cherry for a price of a junker.

Edit: Not only that, but if the bike needs parts or service, I'd rather get bike for cheaper and buy parts and work on it myself, knowing that the parts that are broken I will replace with quality parts, not some e-bay junk that will fail on me two weeks after the purchase. Same with service if its basic stuff like old battery, clogged up carb, etc.
Amen to that.
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