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After Seattle I headed south to have a peak at Mt Rainer. I rode 410 to 123 to Paradise to Stevens Canyon Road, which seemed to be nonstop construction and gravel roads as I got closer. The ride through the national park was breath taking. This was the first time the duke had seen serious stretches of gravel, and it seemed to take them in stride. My mantra has always been if it has handlebars it can go off the pavement.

That evening I pulled into Ohanapecosh campground in the park to set up for the night. There was nobody around in the ranger station, so I thought I might be able to sneak in a free night. I rode into the very back section of the campground, past a road closed sign and set up my tent there. Later on, a guy hikes up over to me and says "um I think this section is closed".

"I know it is, get lost!" is not what I replied, but I echoed his sentiment and told him I'd take my chances.

That morning as I was loading up the bike, the park ranger comes scooting up in her little golf cart. "You're not supposed to be here, this section is closed!"

"uh sorry, I thought this was a hike in section"

After some explaining and apologizing she lets me go and starts driving away. I'm relieved and thankful she didn't bring up my lack of payment. As if on cue, she whips a U-turn and comes back. "Did you pay?" What the...freakin telepathic park rangers.
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