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OK everybody, I'm back. Sorry about the huge gap in posts but I am having a bit of a business boom and had to bring a guy in to help. Yes, what a thing to complain about but I forgot how much time is involved in bringing someone up to speed on several projects on a temperamental lathe. Next month it will be a benefit to me but last month was not. This month was a wash. Anyway, he's now on track and now so am I. Oh, I can also blame Gregor for sidetracking me on another project. And have I mentioned how much effort it is to make decent posts? Dammit Jim, I'm an engineer, not a writer.


I did a bunch of design and fab work on the project in some time gaps over the past few weeks. The mounting of the transfer case and enclosed chain run are now largely worked out. Here's a couple of images of where we're at.



The CAD is more more than 90% complete. After some discussions with chain manufacturers I've decided to switch from a small oil bath to grease for the lubrication of the long chain run. An easy to remove section of the cover will allow easy grease refreshing. Since Christini uses grease lubrication in the 3 sealed chain runs in their system I think this should work fine. Discussions with them also helped make my decision to fix the short chain run sprocket center distances and live with the small amount of stretch that will happen over the chain's life. Due to the short chain the stretch will be negligible and the complication of an adjustable center is more than offset by the ease of chain replacement. Goes to show how KISS applies almost everywhere.

Now that the CAD is well along I needed to get over my mental block of cutting Gregor's frame. Since I did not take the smart step of getting a test frame like CJ did I need to shoot straight on my first round. With that in mind I make the first cuts and so far, so good....

A proud father (on haircut day) with his piloted reamer apparatus. There are guide inserts pressed into the headstock bearing seats to guide the reamer and mandrel shaft along the entire length of the cut for best results. the only reamer available in 47mm diameter was a shell style (with a tapered bore!) which necessitated the making of a mandrel shaft and the accessory parts.

For some reason the cordless drill just didn't have enough oomph for this. Peter briefly stopped applying cutting oil to take this picture.

So far so good, surface finish is nice and diameter is within tolerance.

I need to go about 3 inches down from each bearing seat to create the space needed for my bearing setup.

Now that I've broken the frame's cherry progress should be a lot faster. Especially if Gregor keeps calling me to see if I had any serious family emergencies causing me not to post.

Extra thanks to Joe and Tony for their understanding of a malleable schedule.
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