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Originally Posted by Aarrff View Post
Flatlanders may not be listening....if'n I were to go fer another one and get it, I'll throw it west to Hanging Dog...just sayin'...after I sample the brew of course... I thinks its about time fer johnnymac to come in for a weekend or old n slow to speed up a bit
It's been up here a while now and maybe they are tuning out. If that's the case punt it all the way to the edge of Ducktown. Though I have heard a Lone Wolf howling now and again.

If you do come down to grab it the brew is nice. All the taps are tasty and you can tell they are really happy to be brewing in this area. Also stop in downtown on broad street of the county seat at the brewery that shares the towns' name. The pilsner is good and I really like the dunkel, though Cuttle told me it's less than authentic and not the real deal
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