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OK. Wow. The ball is on the tee again. And the head is about to explode.
So many comments, so little time.

A bush in time saves 9? Or a bush in time saves tee time?

If the bush is on T time, does that turn the 69 into a 34 and a half?

If the real doctor leaves things up to the resident physician for the
prep work, does that make the situation end up at a 68?

Since the real doctor and the resident share the same upfront gap,
does that mean we share a practice? (tooth reference, keep up.)

Gaylic reference? Nah. I've never licked one.(check the history, keep up)

Since we both are consumers of the spirits that produces rants
like this one, dost that meaneth that the spirits are with our
practice of all things medical, ethical and aesthetical?

If you're still reading this, is that an indication that a health clinic
may not be sufficient and a deeper probe into the realm of "hmmmm"
may be in order?

All these and other questions will be answered on the next episode of

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