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You can put me down for wanting to see more shows about people riding motorcycles in challenging situations and places I'll probably never get to see.

Could they have found more skilled riders? You betcha. I seriously believe there's some skilled riders on this forum that would make that ride look like a Sunday cruise. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. But I also don't think it would not be as interesting. I liked seeing what the BMW off road training center is offering. Neale Bayly took three about average street riders and arranged some specialized training and then put those riders into a situation that required above average riding skills. In an environment foreign to them. On really cool bikes. (my biased opinion)

I'm sure there was enough raw footage shot that they could have edited it more toward an audience of seasoned and proficient riders. But that's not the target audience.

I am pleased to see people on TV riding motorcycles in cool places, wearing riding gear, and giving non-riders a little peek at what it's like to travel by motorcycle. Most of the viewing audience don't have a clue about motorcycle travel.
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