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Ok....not sure what to say about Rite's and Schwing's exhange. So I'll just change the subject.


West side, OTP, Ben hill region. On a road that is named after a big rock and greenspace. Was gonna take it off road....more, but my idea has now been turned into a nature perserve. WTF?! I'm running out of urban off road areas due to nature preserves!! The "lake" has no name, but it's larger neighbor does. And she has the same name as a "bad" ass pitcher.

The money shot.

 photo 5AAECBFB-9A57-4914-A579-9A31CC45443A-4273-00000665A40B98CE_zps02cfc6bc.jpg

Girls are across the pond at the base of the big rock, don't recommend riding as the path is narrow and there are people fishing.

 photo EA23344D-A380-409C-9AF2-260BF81DB6D9-4273-00000665B13C1A87_zps46561baa.jpg

They are behind the big rock under some leaves.

 photo 20CA1E49-BDB7-494D-B9B4-E9CCE57DDB3A-4273-00000665B8E868FC_zps5982edef.jpg

Smaller rock to the right under leaves.

Good size bass in the pond.

 photo 020A827D-A5CE-4AFC-B823-5897BFA1EA4A-4273-00000665D43A5F7B_zps83782a00.jpg
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