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Day 15

Exploring Memphis

Jamie very kindly offered to show me around Memphis for the day. So after a slowish morning we went and saw the sights.


At $35 for the basic tour, then more if you wanted to see the cars, and plane etc. It was too expensive for something that I wasn't that interested in.

Stax Records

Just stopped outside. Not enough time to see it all.

The site of Martin Luther King Jr assassination

Nothing else to it other than this. But still interesting.

Gibson guitar factory

This I would have quite liked to have gone on the tour, but unfortunately they were all booked up for the day. Ring in advance of you're interested.

Beale Street

We stopped for a refreshing beer and listened to some blues at O'Sullivan's Irish bar.

After we took a ride out to some spots outside of town on the hidden twisty roads around Shelby forest, along side the Mississippi river.

Before heading back to Jamie's via another pub for some fish and chips, and a pint of Guinness. : Just like back home :)

Day 16

After staying at Jamie's for a second night. Jamie planned a ride down the Mississippi river to Greenville, were I would turn off and go west through Arkansas and he would turn back home.

The ride started of well with a few more sights along the river. Including a casino where Jamie used to work. I played my first ever games of craps and blackjack.

Practising for when I get to Vegas!
Carrying on the ride down the Mississippi by the levees, we reached Helena. Where i met Gregg, another ADVer, and his awesome collection of vintage cameras.

After some more interesting history around the civil war and the Mississippi. Gregg suggested we carry on down to Rosedale, and stop at this little place for 'arguably the best hot tamales in the south'

I have to say. Jamie and I were not disappointed. We both finished off a dozen each, and carried on to Greenville.
We said our goodbyes and I was on my way.

By this time i was running a little bit late, so my original planned destination was never going to happen.
It wasn't a major problem though, as I found Cane Creek campsite close by and stopped there for the night. Just getting my tent up before it got dark. And before I got eaten alive by mosquitoes! :mad:

It was an uncomfortable night though as the temperature didn't drop below about 85F and the humidity was very high. Especially in my little tent!
This is a bit disgusting. But in the morning i woke up with a puddle in my tent? I thought I spilt my water, but after checking, both containers had been fully done up all night.
The puddle was sweat that has built up over night! :eek:

Heading a bit further north now in Arkansas, to get some elevation in the Ozarks to try and escape this heat. Next week looks cooler so I may venture south again on my westward journey.

I also dawned on me today. That it is only a week till the 4th July. I suppose it's a bit strange, me being a Brit and celebrating independence day. But a party is a party and it will be fun nonetheless! So I need to find somewhere to go?
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