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Thanks for the feedback! I just put in a brand new cjdesigns water pump shaft and a new seal. Just preventative for this trip, so that should not be it. Even if it was the symptoms don't suggest it. It blew out coolant in less than 2 km all over my boot.

I know how to retorque myself, I was just hoping to spend the time vacationing with my family instead of doing that in a parking lot and making them all wait for me... I will try that in case re-torquing will let me at least get to do my ride, but if there is someone who knows a mechanic that can help still that would be amazing... Murphy has it out for me on this trip!

Day one, in whistler, 2 hours in to the trip my pickup blew an oil pump. (Wife's parents are driving my truck for the trip, wife and I are on bikes). Dodge only has sold 60 oil pumps for that pickup. Almost never happens, go figure... Low mileage truck... 5 day delay eating up much of the trip and very costly to repair.

I've never had such rotten luck, something has gone wrong almost every day. I'm on the Murpy Extreme Adventure it seems like. Oh well, will make for some great stories later. :)

Cheers All!
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