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If I was in your situation I would try retorquing the heads, reassemble and fill coolant system with distilled water (flush it before to get all the anti freeze out as much as possible). Its not necessary to lift the front as long as you fill slowly and work out most of the air by pressing on the lower and upper hoses, doing a little side to side shimy shake back and forth.

The reason I suggest filling with distilled water is then it would prep for the next option to use diesel engine block sealer (or other silica based sealant), the coolant system needs to be clear of the antifreeze... add the sealant, and follow the instructions, heat cycle the engine, drain the water/sealant mix and let stand for 24 hrs. Not optimal, but if you are in a "need to do this, no other way out", I would not be afraid to do it and leave it that way.... provided it fixes the issue but I would only do this after a retorque and maybe as a safe guard to a failed/failing and healed up from retorque head gasket.
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