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Cool2 Outside pictures

Thanks for the kind comments, I do appreciate it!

I have been extremely busy fixing up an older house we bought and will start moving into this weekend so I have neglected posting on this thread.

So, here are a few pictures of the bike after my first ride on a dirt road.

In this picture you can see the shock sock my wife sewed up for me.
It has a Velcro seam so I can easily remove it for adjustments.

I like the reflection on the tank in these shots

Front views:

Heard the old term to "Drop it in the weeds" referring to lowering a car?

So I did:

You may be waiting for a ride report, if so, wait a bit longer
My short ride is not enough to test it out and give it a real workout, let alone adjust the suspension to my liking.
I can say that it feels tiny!
More like my Yamaha TW200 than anything else.
Since I am 6'-4" it will take some getting used to I can tell.
The 13/46 sprockets really give it instant acceleration and quick shifting.
I plan to get a 14, 15, and maybe a 16 front sprockets to experiment with. But this is not a highway bike so I am not looking for a comfortable 65 mph cruise.

I am not happy with the muffler though. It is OK at low revs and sounds great but once up to even half throttle it is too loud. I don't like obnoxiously loud bikes making non-riders hate riders so I will be modifying the muffler or replacing it with a GSXR can.
I am also going to make a new pipe since I didn't like my first attempt in both welding and in bend layout. The goofy mummy wrap covers the lousy welding but nothing can hide the shape not following the frame bends enough for me.

Other than all the work fixing up the house we bought and the pain of moving everything and then fixing up our old house to get it on the market, I am looking forward to having a real shop.
Yes! A two car garage (24'x24') instead of a one car garage...
I am doubling my shop space!
This winter I have two project bikes lined up in addition to the Rickman Metisse.
A Wee Strom 650 and a Suzuki VX 800.
Tracker or cafe', or????
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